Adam Selman Goes Galactic

Astro vibes galore.

The first Space Race may be over, but in the world of fashion capsules and collection launches, the cosmos are making a comeback. Just ask Buzz Aldrin (or Karl Lagerfeld)

The latest rendition of the galactic trend is Adam Selman’s three-piece astrology capsule collection. Over the summer Selman introduced the naked denim look with a pair of sheer tulle jeans embroidered with roses. This time around, the designer swapped the florals for the zodiac signs, adorning the added trench coat and shirt with planets, constellations, and all-around celestial motifs.

The collection is available through Opening Ceremony, where the astral jeans sell for $595 and shirt for $495. The trench coat already sold out (that’s retrograde mercury for you).

Shop the rest of the collection below:



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