H&M Launches New Brand /Nyden for Millennials

Here's what the creator had to say.
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H&M is launching a new brand aimed at millennials. Called /Nyden (how very Swedish of them), the new titled is being helmed creatively by Oscar Olsson. If that name doesn't ring any bells, that's because it hasn't appeared many places; Olsson has been working at H&M since 2013, and has largely kept himself out of the public eye of the central fashion design sphere — until now.

So what does a futuristic brand targeting millennials look like? Olsson told The Cut that, “In this future society, as any brand or any kind of provider of anything, you need to embrace the fact that the power is not in your hands. The power has shifted to what we call tribes.”

And, according to Olsson, every tribe needs its leaders. /Nyden be created by the people that millennials look up to, rather than highfalutin fashion designers. This will take the form of influencers and creators across numerous verticals. Two of the first confirmed "co-creators" are Swedish actress Noomi Rapace and L.A.-based celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Supposedly, the company will be able to launch these influencer-designed lines just weeks after their inception.

If all of this sounds highly theoretical, that's because it is. Case in point? /Nyden has its very own "in-house philosopher" Alexander Bard, who has written three books on Internet theory. In his works, Bard speaks of "Netocrats" (millennials) and how they will shop in the future. Olsson noted that “The Netocrat is more sensitive than ever to credibility, authenticity, and personality. They’re also more sensitive than ever to exploitation of themselves or other people.” Hence the need for a radically different model for a fashion brand.

It's unclear when exactly /Nyden will launch, but you can sign up for news on their website here. As the link says, "Welcome to the tribe."


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