The Kardashians Might Appear in a New Calvin Klein Ad

America's favorite family is rumored to star in the brand's underwear campaign.
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According to WWD, Calvin Klein is rumored to feature the women of the Kardashian family in its underwear campaign. While it's a bit of a stretch to imagine the Kardashians as being Raf Simons's cup of tea, it would make some degree of sense. Firstly, Calvin Klein is obsessed with all things American right now, and (much to the distaste of many), the Kardashians are the closest thing we have to a royal family. Secondly, the brand recently launched its family-centric #MyCalvins campaign, which the Kardashian clan would certainly fit into. Thirdly, the combined power of all those girls would be well worth it, exposure-wise (and we know Instagram followers are on everyone's minds right now). Time to wait and see!

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