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MoMA Will Screen Twin Peaks Marathon

The free event will run from January 5th – 7th at the New York contemporary art museum.
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The Museum of Modern Art is set to marathon all 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return from January 5 – 7, as part of the museum’s series of  “the year’s finest films.” The first 4 episodes will run on the 5th, and episodes 5 through 11 will screen on the 6th, with the subsequent 12 through 18 playing on the final day.

Though most would not consider The Return a film, the museum does, dubbing it “unclassifiable.” Curator Rajendra Roy tells Vulture, “I will simply say that my opinion on the matter can be interpreted through the fact that I have invited it to be screened at the Museum. Interpret that how you will, and we hope you will join us in this debate by experiencing this incredible work on the big screen for free this January.”

Instead of binging a new series on Netflix in the New Year, head to MoMA, watch an art crowd favorite, and take in a de Kooning and Dalí on the way out. 



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