Taylor Swift Cements Her New "Reputation" on SNL

Swift's SNL performances were a drastic departure from her old persona.
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If you needed any more proof that the old Taylor is dead, you need look no further than Taylor Swift's SNL performance this past weekend. For her first number, the second single off the album "...Ready For It?" the long-time starlet grasped a golden microphone outfitted with a bejeweled snake (because that motif isn't going anywhere, any time soon) as she performed in a black sweatshirt with chain-link hemming and black short shorts. Her four backup dancers/singers soon joined her in front of the red neon background, while smoke swirled at their feet. Honestly, we're not going to pretend it's not a little odd seeing this version of Swift, but it seems to be the one they're running with; the Reputation era seems to be a new reality we all just have to accept.

For her second performance, she sang an acoustic, stripped down version of the romance-laden track "Call it What You Want," a reminder that whoever Taylor Swift is now, she can still be soft and sweet. But she still maintains an edge in her carefully crafted image: when she took to the stage this time, a snake was on her sweatshirt instead of the mic. 

Who is this new version of Taylor Swift? Do we like her? That's really up for you to decide. If you want to be more informed as to that choice, check out the below videos of her performances.

...Ready For It?
Call it What You Want


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