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What to Keep Your Eye On This Black Friday

While only time will tell what exactly the hottest items are on the biggest shopping holiday of the year, we do have some ideas.
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Over time, Black Friday has gone from a collection of unmatched deals to a national holiday in its own right. Now, it's firmly entrenched in American consumer culture as the annual day of complete anarchy (is this The Purge?), and die-hard shoppers rush to their favorite stores and websites as soon as the clock strikes midnight, or in some cases, the moment they've finished their Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

While it's totally understandable if this major shopping event brings to mind mobs of people fighting over the best deals on TVs and Crock Pots, it's also a great time to scramble for whatever you've been needing to complete your look. Sites like Farfetch, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom are all regular Black Friday participants, which means the sale section becomes an even better deal and there's a chance at getting some of the year's hottest pieces for less than usual.

Black Friday is officially upon us, and many deals are already live. That means now is the time to decide which items you're most interested in securing this year, and we've found the best sales as well as curated a few popular items that might have some extra juicy deals. Even if you don’t usually participate in the Black Friday festivities, maybe these will tempt you.

Anything at Barneys

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that Barneys declared bankruptcy and is closing its doors permanently. As sad as we all are to say goodbye to this mecca of high-end retail, the high-end luxury store is having a clearance sale that will undoubtedly make history (well, whenever it gets past its current 5-10%). And with Black Friday just around the corner, we may just be on the brink of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to snatch some wardrobe classics at a fraction of their price.

A Trendy Bag

Supermodels and street style stars can't get enough of Staud. Their bags are a standout in particular, and from their baguette shapes to their clear saddlebags (perfect for your next beach vacation), their pieces are more than just wardrobe essentials. Available in neutrals, bright greens, pinks, and reds, these intricate statement pieces will make any outfit stand out. After the recent New York-based sample sale, the label is keeping the party going with amazing deals on its website during Black Friday. Time to brighten up your wardrobe! 

All Your Holiday Outfits

Last year, Net-A-Porter celebrated Black Friday with hundreds of items discounted by up to 50%. Ranging from coats to accessories to skincare products, the online luxury retailer, known for its incredible curation and wide variety of products, should definitely be on your radar as you shop for holiday party looks and gifts galore.

Lucky Lingerie

A traditional Italian belief holds that wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve will bring luck to the upcoming year. Luckily, you can do this in style as lingerie brand La Perla will also be participating in the Black Friday festivities. Through websites like Giglio, pick up a new set of lingerie so you can start the new year in all its glory (plus, nothing makes one feel better about themselves than matching, red-lace underwear).

Luxury Streetwear

For the fifth time in a row, Montreal-based luxury retailer SSENSE has launched special deals on their website during prime Black Friday season, starting on November 25. Expect some cool and trendy pieces from brands like Vetements, Balenciaga, and A.P.C. That being said, the sought-after luxury and streetwear retailer is known for selling out of their items in minutes, so make sure to have your laptop and multiple internet browsers ready before the clock strikes midnight. 

A Funny Shirt

To celebrate the most commercial time of the year, Baja East is putting their entire site on sale for 20% off, with an additional 15% off for anyone who spends over $500. This means it's time to stock up on all your luxury streetwear needs, from harem sweatpants to plenty of graphic shirts. With phrases like "100% That (Baja) Bitch," "Thriving," and "I Had Guests" alongside a picture of creative director Scott Studenberg's Frenchies, these pieces will be a hit and you'll definitely want to catch them while they're at their best price. The sale happens all 24 hours of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday as well, but NOT in between, so take note and get ready to buy some high-end gag gifts.


With the recent drops of the iPhone 11 and the Airpods Pro, it seems basically guaranteed that the originals will be on sale this year. Airpods' price point has spawned countless "Rich Kids of Twitter" jokes (though they're not as expensive as when they're Louis Vuitton!), so they also make a great gift, especially when they're engraved for free. Apple is notorious for only offering deals around Black Friday, so stay tuned.

Image via Apple


Last year, AllSaints brought the people the Black Friday deals that they wanted. Their entire site had a 30% discount and the deals stuck around for a few weeks, so we expect something similar (or even better) this year. So if you're like me and you’ve been drooling over AllSaints’ leather jackets for a while, now is the time to get your hands on one.

Image via AllSaints

Animal Print

Animal print was one of the biggest summer and fall trends this year, and it seems likely to continue its reign throughout the winter. With so many brands embracing their wild sides, there's a solid selection of items with potential to turn into hot Black Friday items, and Farfetch, which has become one of luxury shopping's biggest players and regularly participates in the consumer holiday, seems to be a great place to start. Pick up an animal print dress for your New Year’s celebrations this year.

Image via Farfetch / Caroline Constas


If you live somewhere with seasons, it’s about to get cold fast, and as intensely as you may be plotting your next chic getaway, some new outerwear may be essential to get through those times when you are toughing it out. Do as the Scandinavians do and go for a coat that promises plenty of warmth but will still make a statement when you head out to a holiday party (or a winter fashion week).

Image via Farfetch / Stand Studio

Even More Bags

If you don't have to fight over a product or spend hours finding parking, you may be wondering if it's really Black Friday, but the deals popping up online will make sure you know it is. It's the perfect time to snatch up a bag to hold your new AirPods, and while it seems unlikely you'll come across a Mini Chiquito on sale (though if Simon Porte Jacquemus surprises us all with that deal, rest assured the internet will bring it to your attention the moment it happens), you'll definitely find plenty of chic bags in the mix.

Image via Farfetch / Okhtein


Luxury skincare is great to buy when Black Friday rolls around because even though the products might be worth the price, they can be expensive nonetheless. So if your self-care routine starts and ends with beauty (and, in turn, has its effect on your bank account), November 29th is the perfect day to stock up. Ulta's early deals indicate it will be a great place to look, and with all the CBD beauty currently out there in the universe, someone's got to put their calming products on sale.

Image via Sephora / Sunday Riley

Holiday Party Jewelry

You obviously need new bling for all those holiday parties coming up, even if you hadn't been thinking about it yet. Get ahead of the curve (and make sure you aren't spending the day of the soirée rushing around the city) by shopping Miansai's Black Friday sale, which features discounts on the entire site except for the fine jewelry section. The first part of the sale runs from November 25 to December 2 at 2:59AM EST, featuring 20% off. That continues on Cyber Monday, though the code changes from black2019 to cyber2019, and the party keeps going at 15% off from December 3-9 if you use the code cyber1519. 

Chic Champagne Flutes

Attention, Kate Spade fans everywhere: Black Friday sales started on Tuesday, with up to 50% off in stores and on the site until December 2, when the brand rings in Cyber Monday by raising the savings to up to 60% off for two days. And while you could pick up a nice new bag or colorful new dress, why not get something you can share with friends all holiday season? The site has plenty of home goods on sale, including this adorable champagne flute set, which will be perfect for celebrating the end of the decade.



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