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Devon & Sydney Carlson Are Releasing Another Viral Collaboration You Need

The success of the their brand, Wildflower Cases, is synonymous with social media, and their new collaboration with PizzaSlime might just break the internet.
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Images Via Devon and Sydney Carlson

Wildflower started as a passion project but is now a globally-known brand. Created by sisters Devon and Sydney Carlson, the fashionable tech accessories company is nearly six years old. Creating exclusive, limited-edition iPhone cases, their brand continues to soar in popularity thanks to their viral collaborations.

The two LA-natives, influencers and co-founders, are setting a precedent for entrepreneurial women everywhere. Teaming up with the viral voice of PizzaSlime for their latest collaboration, the two brands joined forces in creating an iPhone case collection made perfect for your ever-changing moods. We caught up with Devon Carlson, otherwise known as our Spring cover star, and her sister Sydney for all the details on the latest launch we can't wait to get our hands on. 

If you haven't heard of Wildflower cases by now, we invite you to move out from under your rock. The brand has blossomed (pun intended) in the last few years, putting a limited-edition spin on fashionable iPhone cases. Wildflower has taken social media and the world of tech accessories by storm, but was actually established accidentally.

Starting back when Devon Carlson had a run in with Miley Cyrus in the bathroom of a Malibu restaurant, the alligning of the two stars led to a tweet gone viral. Cyrus spotted Devon's hand-made phone case and asked where she had bought it. Devon explained the homemade iPhone case was crafted by her mom and sister, but they didnt have a brand (yet). Miley took to Twitter to rave about the cases and before you know it, Wildflower was born.

To produce their phone cases, the two sisters team up with their mom, Michelle Carlson, and father, Dave Carlson, to carry out each design. “We are all very involved in the design process. Because we are so different, our ideas are never the same. We come up with ideas and as a family sit around my dad's desk, [we] talk through while he puts it all together.” The sisters pride themselves on their authentic approach, “it's definitely a process, but it's a fun one!”

PizzaSlime, their brand partner for this collaboration, is social media’s favorite streetwear brand. Their contemporary designs have been seen on various media figures from Justin Bieber, to Billie Eilish, to the entirety of the Kardashian clan. However, apparel isn’t the only thing they do well. PizzaSlime also acts as a creative agency that just recently launched a record label with Diplo.

So what really inspired this collaboration? Aside from the fact that the two sisters have been long-time friends with Nick Santiago and Matthew Hwang, the creative brains behind PizzaSlime, they reveal, “They're a brand that we have loved for years! We've always talked about working together for so long and one day we just finally did it. We joked around back and forth with ideas and this one just stuck. It's too perfect!”. 

Social media has acted as a catalyst for the success of both PizzaSlime and Wildflower. Both brand’s fanbases stay connected through their multiple forms of social media, but their hero platform is Instagram. When asked if they thought Wildflower would have this much of a social media presence Sydney answered, “We first started Wildflower when Instagram had just launched so we really had no idea the power it would have one day. We started growing our Instagram and it took off. I don't think any of us expected to be where we are today, but we are all so thankful for the love and support we get online!”.

Wildflower is known widely-known for limited-edition collections. With past collaborations ranging from Jesse Rutherford, The Neighborhood’s lead singer and Devon’s long-time beau, to Emma Chamberlain. The sisters gleamed with elation when asked what makes this collection so different, “This is our first collaboration where we're doing 3 cases at once, so we’re definitely excited for this one!”. The collection showcases three styles: Devon’s smile, Sydney’s eyes and a take on PizzaSlime’s famous tagline “Stop Looking At My Phone”.  


Each case encapsulates all of the creators, further trademarking their signature attributes. “Devon's smile is her staple and my eye-roll is mine.” Sydney says, “it first started as a joke, but these cases really do fit us perfectly and definitely are both of my moods this quarantine.” While social-distancing is still in full effect and all of us may be subject to more screentime now more than ever, the timing of this collaboration couldn't be any more perfect.


The Wildflower X PizzaSlime collection is now shoppable HERE.


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