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Princess Diana's Younger Brother Shares Rare Photo of Royals from Childhood

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, the younger brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, shared a tender, never-before-seen moment of the two siblings on Twitter.
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Princess Diana visiting the Treloar College for Physically Handicapped Students at Froule in Hampshire.

It is easy to remember Princess Diana as a graceful woman that unfortunately left us at a very early age. But at one point in her pre-Royal life, Diana was just a young woman who didn't know how far she was going to go! Recently, the late Princess' brother, Charles Spencer, went on Twitter to share a nostalgic photo of him and his sister from their childhood. 

Shown below, the moment shows Diana in a lovely puff-sleeved dress, putting her arm around Charles on a beautiful, sunny day. 


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Charles' post on social media came after he claimed that the BBC sent an apology for allegedly using false documentation to coerce Diana into giving an interview in which she said that there three opeople—she, Prince Charles, and Charles' current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles—in her marriage. "Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," the princess infamously said.

"[The BBC] has not yet apologized for what really matters here: the incredibly serious forgery of bank statements, suggesting that Diana's closest confidants were spying on her enemies," Charles told People.

He continued, "This is what led me to talk to Diana about these things. This, in turn, led to the meeting where I introduced Diana to Bashir on September 19, 1995. This led to the interview. The BBC has so far refused to acknowledge this mistake. They claim that Diana was not deceived. They ignored my question as to whether the apology for her false bank statements extends and that they really persuaded Diana to meet with Bashir. "

The BBC later issued a statement to People saying, "We are happy to repeat this apology. And although it was a quarter of a century ago, we will definitely be investigating—robustly and fairly—this new information."

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