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Learn the Quarantine Nicknames of Your Favorite Celebrities

Twitter's latest coronavirus meme is too relatable.
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It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks with the rapid development of the coronavirus pandemic, and the world looks drastically different than even a few days ago. To limit the spread of the disease, many people are practicing social distancing, and are staying at home, which has resulted in a brand new culture surrounding video chats, face masks, and memes to cope with the public health crisis that's taken over our daily lives. Fashion influencers are obsessed with making dresses out of pillows and photographing them. The latest meme to make the rounds? Quarantine nicknames.

Started Thursday night by author, actor, and The Bachelor executive producer Elan Gale, your quarantine nickname is how you are feeling followed by whatever you last ate out of your social distancing stockpile. It caught on in no time, because a majority of people have interesting answers for both of these things and because it's all too relatable right now to define ourselves by our mess of emotions and the food we stress-eat while feeling them. It blew up on Twitter and caused some random food items (like cherries—I guess people really like quarantine cherries) to trend, and now some of our favorite celebrities are getting in on the phenomenon too.

Having become more like us than ever before, the stars are alternating between making TikToks and reacting to the latest memes, so if nothing else, we're at least all coming together during these terrifying times. (My current quarantine nickname is Anxious Chocolates, by the way.) Anyway, we're rounding up the best celebrity quarantine nicknames below, so you can have some laughs and see which star you relate to most all in one place. Enjoy!

Delilah Belle: Wide awake chocolate chip

Lisa Rinna: Freaky Chips

Alana Hadid: Snuggly Dried Mango

Keegan Allen: Chill rice

Jonathan Bennett: Tired Lobster Ravioli

Miley Cyrus: Bloated DalTadka

Chelsea Peretti: sad stale bread toasted

Jane Lynch: Resigned Peanut Butter

Rebecca Kufrin: Sleepy Peanut Butter Puff

Kristen Johnston: Disillusioned Twizzler

Rachel Brosnahan: Anxious peanut butter cup

Jared Haibon: Sad Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Sarah Hyland: Bloated Cookie

Mamrie Hart: Paranoid Cadbury mini-eggs

Kaitlyn Bristowe: Restless tofu nugget

Chris Harrison: Tired thin mint

James Gunn: Comfy Crackers

Cassie Randolph: frustrated cheezit

Sean Gunn: Prepared multivitamin

Frances Bean Cobain: Hormonal vegan pizza pocket

Marisol Nichols: Sleepy Dried Mango


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