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The Definitive Guide to TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

The new social media craze has brought with it a new wave of influencers, humor and fashion. Who should you be following?
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Photo via Abby Roberts (@abbyrartistry)

TikTok, the wildly popular short video app, has quickly risen up to the cultural forefront of seemingly every industry, including music, fashion, influencing, celebrity, beauty, and humor. Never heard of it? Trying to avoid it? Trust us, you'll want to make an account. Formerly known as Musical.ly, it's being heralded as the next Vine and has even drawn in creators who found their fame on the now-defunct app, like Zach King and Cody Ko. TikTok is a refreshingly creative platform, with endless songs, visual effects, and editing capabilities ready for use in quick videos ranging from six to 60 seconds. 

The app’s rapid rise in popularity has brought an influx of new trends from around the world, serving as a place to culminate new fashion trends, promote catchy songs, and flex in any way possible. While the For You page is often dominated by younger creators, that shouldn’t dissuade new users from searching for whatever most interests them. It's easy to find content communities, and there are thousands of them, ranging from beauty to interior decorating to dog videos. With more than one billion downloads and hundreds of millions of active users, who’s who on TikTok? How do you wade through the sea of e-boys and VSCO girls? Why is there so much lipsyncing? 

We did the work and compiled a list of eight TikTokers that you should be following right now. Check out our list below, and prepare to develop the most fun form of social media addiction as you watch these creators' videos over and over.


Abby Roberts (@abbyarartistry)

When I was in high school, my makeup skills didn’t include much beyond a decent winged liner, but 18-year-old Abby Roberts shows that she knows her way around an eyeshadow palette. She has 3.5 million followers, and each of her impressive makeup looks draw millions of views and likes. From prosthetics to full costumes, Roberts’ step-by-step videos take us through her captivating process.

Allison Ponthier (@allisonponthier)

Allison Ponthier takes a playful approach to her comment section, one that’s filled with “You look like (insert redhead character name here)!” In her video game-like “Choose Your Character” TikTok series, Ponthier selects a movie or show, character, and then transforms into them. She’s taken on Black Mirror’s Yorkie, It’s Beverly, Midsommar’s Maja, and more.


With quick, simple cooking tutorials, @salt_to_taste will make your mouth water with every video. You can create a full meal from the account’s dozens of videos, with recipes that range from chicken tomato pasta to homemade orange lemonade to M&M cookies. Seriously, need we say more?

Howie Mandel (@officialhowiemandel)

Howie Mandel’s presence on TikTok is mystifying but undeniable. His videos, which often use TikTok trends and popular sounds, showcase the America’s Got Talent judge in a very new form. With almost three million followers and some seriously funny videos, Mandel may just have a bright future as an influencer.

Iris Apatow (@irisapatow)

Iris Apatow, the 16-year-old star of Netflix’s Love, has taken her acting chops to TikTok. The daughter of actor Judd Apatow, Iris is equally hilarious, and her TikTok page is proof that good comedic genes run in the family.

Taj Reed (donidarkowitz)

Makeup artists on TikTok are thriving, and there’s no better example than Taj Reed. Reed’s videos have recently blown up for her stunning eyeshadow looks, and for good reason. Synced with some of TikTok’s most popular sounds, her videos showcase each layer, from primer to pigment to false lashes.


There’s something therapeutic about watching Ellie’s black-and-white doodle videos. The simple, I-could-draw-that style means that watching each tutorial is actually fun, and probably wouldn’t make you want to throw out your pen and paper if you try it. Doodling cute strawberries, turtles and rainbows, Ellie’s videos are sure to send some relaxing vibes your way.


@sneakermechanic takes custom to the next level with their unique twists on Nike Air Force Ones, Vans, and even Crocs. The sneakers are decked out in jewels, designer fabrics, and bright paint colors, and the artist takes commissions through their Instagram. Once you visit their profile, you won’t want to stop scrolling.


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