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Go Inside Wildflower Cases' Holiday Launch Party Through Sydney Carlson's Film Lens

While partying with the likes of Salem Mitchell, Drumaq, and her sister-slash-business-partner Devon Lee Carlson, the vlogger and tech entrepreneur shot some fun-filled images exclusively for L'Officiel USA.
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All exclusive photography by Sydney Carlson

If you haven't noticed, film photography is the biggest new social media trend. High-tech iPhones and mounting pressure for perfection on Instagram have resulted in a collective desire for something a little more spontaneous, and while Polaroids have been filling that need for a while, it was time for another vintage lensing method to reenter the culture. Gigi Hadid now shares moments from fashion month, Mykonos, and beyond on her @gisposables account, and stars like Joe Jonas and Diana Silvers document film snaps on secondary accounts as well. So it's no wonder that one-half of the sister duo behind the internet's favorite phone case company is in on the trend, too.

Sydney Carlson, who has risen to YouTube and Instagram fame alongside sister Devon Lee, has been capturing fun-filled moments for the past two years under the username @whitewinekindasweet. Through snaps of parties, casual hangouts, and more, the vlogger and tech entrepreneur has proven herself to be at the center of internet culture, photographing the likes of Emma Chamberlain, Megan Thee Stallion, and YouTube-famous couple Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau (yes, in that Justin and Britney Halloween costume) while also occasionally hopping in front of the camera.

1573506876203902 photo nov 08 4 28 09 pm1573506884265709 photo nov 08 4 29 19 pm
1573506893137100 photo nov 08 4 29 07 pm1573506907917051 photo nov 08 4 29 42 pm
1573506917340876 photo nov 08 4 28 49 pm
Clockwise from top left: Sydney Carlson, Salem Mitchell, Nicole Rogers and Drumaq, Nicole Rogers, Devon Lee Carlson and Jessie Andrews

Now, she's letting L'Officiel USA in on what went down at Wildflower Cases' holiday launch via some exclusive images, and it's clear this was not just any event but a lively party. In between checking out the latest offerings from the celeb-favorite tech brand (Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, and Bella Hadid are all fans), guests including Salem Mitchell, Drumaq, and Jessie Andrews posed, winked, and danced for the camera, creating moments that feel far more intimate than a step-and-repeat. Of course, Sydney and Devon Lee made appearances in the photos as well, continuing to display their impressive ability to be stars themselves all while creating some of today's most covetable phone accessories. Get in on the action via more exclusive photos below.

1573506927090711 photo nov 08 4 28 22 pm1573506940206169 photo nov 08 4 28 39 pm
1573506945072831 photo nov 08 4 28 34 pm1573506955009644 photo nov 08 4 29 37 pm
1573506958819833 photo nov 08 4 29 57 pm
Clockwise from top left: Sydney and Devon Lee Carlson, Cierra Ramirez and Riley Taylor, Devon Lee Carlson, Becky Hearn, Hayes Bradley, and Devon Lee Carlson, Nicole Rogers
1573506981983741 photo nov 08 4 29 32 pm1573506997668743 photo nov 08 4 28 27 pm
1573507017649397 photo nov 08 4 29 26 pm1573507029020354 photo nov 08 4 29 52 pm
1573507033925711 photo nov 08 4 28 44 pm
Clockwise from top right: Sydney and Devon Lee Carlson, Matisse Andrews, Salem Mitchell


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