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Salone del Mobile 2018: Louis Vuitton

by Italy
Les Petits Nomades is the first collection of deco objects designed by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton has chosen the Fuori Salone 2018 to present its first collection of decò objects to the public. Titled Les Petits Nomades, it is a more functional interpretation of the Maison's universe, divided into creative and elegant pieces created in collaboration with great artists like Humberto, Fernando Campana, Atelier Oi, Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders.

During Design Week, the brand has also announced it will expand with a new line of travel furniture: "Objets Nomades", with two new arrivals: the Ribbon Dance by André Fu and the Diamond Mirror by Marcel Wanders. The first creation is a comfortable seat whose overall shape evokes the infinite, with wooden armrests revisited by the precious Louis Vuitton leather. The latter is instead a riot of geometries, comprised of triangular mirrors that make up an octagon.

LV les petits Nomades_Field Cushion by Atelier Oi.jpg
Les petits Nomades - Field Cushion by Atelier Oi
LV Les Petits Nomades_Leather Rosace Vase by Atelier Oi.jpg
Les Petits Nomades - Leather Rosace Vase by Atelier Oi
LV Les Petits Nomades_Origami Flowers by Atelier Oi.jpg
Les Petits Nomades - Origami Flowers by Atelier Oi
LV Les Petits Nomades_Petit Diamond Mirror by Marcel Wanders.png
Objets Nomades - Diamond Mirror by Marcel Wanders
LV Les Petits Nomades_Tropicalist Vase by Campana Brothers.jpg
Les Petits Nomades - Tropicalist Vase by Campana Brothers
LV Objets Nomades_Ribbon Dance by André Fu.jpg
Objets Nomades - Ribbon Dance by André Fu

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