Kanye and Solange Appear in New Helmut Lang Project

The brand's new iteration tapped Exactitudes for a fan-based photo project.
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And if it isn’t right now, chances are it will be again soon. If an ocean, lake or swimming pool is beyond reach and it’s too early for a glass of rose, try spraying one of these mists onto your hot mug.

Unlike Spotlight, which tells the story of Boston Globe's investigative journalists in 2001, the Harvey Weinstein story isn't going to wait decades to become a movie. 

On October 5, 2017, the Times published the story of the year, uncovering film producer Harvey Weinstein's multiple allegations on sexual harrassment. The story ignited the birth of #MeToo and Time's Up, two movements that had many more women speak out against sexual harrasment. 

The investigative reporters behind it, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, were honored by Time's 100 Most Influential People and have recently received a Pulitzer Prize for public service. On top of all those awards, their Weinstein takedown story is now going to be told through a movie, backed by Oscar-winning production houses Plan B and Annapurna. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the plot will highlight Kantor and Twohey's struggles with threats and intimidation during the investigation. 

Awards season may be over, but that doesn't stop us from predicting next year's best picture contenders. 

Like many 'wellness' trends, the idea of detox first came from the United States and there doesn't seem to be a single celeb out there who doesn't promote some sort of juicing or detox lifestyle. As a result, more brands and products are armed and ready to help us lose weight than ever before. There is no doubt the idea of a quick and 'easy' fix is especially appealing at times when we need to see (or at least feel) a change in our physique as soon as possible. But beware: relying on these types of extreme measures can have very negative effects on one's health.

1. What better way to begin than with color coordinated silk suits?

KENZO – Cabiria, Charity, Chastity by Natasha Lyonne
People are like, "Oh, you’re the feminist writer, you write about violence, it’s so great," and they don’t expect me to write a piece about just having this guy go down on me. So breaking down those complexities was a fear of mine, but now I’m just getting a lot more comfortable. —Rupi Kaur

Jameson Sour by Jameson Whiskey



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