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Survive Fashion Week With These Four Meme Accounts

From Kermit sipping tea to fashion assistant woes, these hilarious creations can get you laughing even after attending your tenth show of the day.
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Fashion month is the busiest time of the year. There’s nothing quite like catching a red-eye flight, getting four hours of sleep, and then attending 18 shows in one weekend, right? When your feed is overloaded with countless posts of Gucci and Chromat and you're spending every waking hour rushing between events, find some comedic relief in four of the best fashion week meme accounts. Whether you scroll through while stuck in traffic on the Champs-Elysées or use a particularly relevant meme to spark conversation when you once again find yourself having to network at an after-party, the below creators are here to remind you that no one is alone in this hectic month.


The life of a fashion assistant is one that never, ever stops. If you’ve been one, you know the dread of having to carry five stuffed garment bags up four flights of stairs, or that sinking feeling when something is lost in customs, or how it feels to see someone bend over in a freshly steamed shirt. @fashionassistants captures the realities of the job, right down to the creative suitcase-packing expertise.



It’s true: fashion is art. Freddie Smithson artistically parodies some of fashion’s most famous brands, changing Lacoste to Lactose Intolerant and Burberry to Perry (complete with a photo of Matthew Perry and Katy Perry). He often memes newsworthy fashion moments just after they happen (as with the Versace one below), and is also responsible for the viral “Meryl Street” edit, featuring a streetwear-clad Meryl Streep. If @freddiemade shows us anything, it’s that Cher can pull off a Moncler puffer.


@fashionweekfrog, the hilarious brainchild of Julia Gall, is putting your innermost thoughts and feelings about fashion week into memes, using none other than everyone’s favorite green frog, Kermit. The memes spill the tea (which as we all know, is another meme featuring the Muppet) on annoying seatmates, PR nightmares and dreams of front-row drama, all through the eyes of the ever-relatable frog. There really is a Kermit meme for every occasion, and the account has been a virally wonderful addition to fashion month.


Perfectly superimposing the everyday with the fashion zeitgeist, Sidney Prawatyotin Photoshops top fashion figures into public spaces, weird poses, or transforms them into three-eyed iPhone 11 lookalikes. The account blends the mundane and the opulent, placing our favorite Valentino gowns and Jacquemus hats where we never thought we’d see them. The juxtaposition is a solid representation of a fashion person's brain at the end of a jam-packed day of shows (or honestly all the time), so it's relatable content in the funniest way.


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