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Takeaway Trends from This Year's NYCxDesign Week

The annual celebration of design brought together thousands of attendees and designers from across the globe.
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In a city that constantly reinvents and sets the pace for trends and the zeitgeist, whether in architecture, art, or fashion, New York has long been a major focal point for design trends in the world.

Earlier this year at NYCxDesign, some of the design world’s biggest names came out with the collections that will define this year’s biggest statements and trends to either swipe up from their stores or to appropriate in one’s own interesting way with home.

These makers and artists are launching a new way of thinking about art and value in objects and décor with these collections, and are sure to be must-have looks in any space.

kinder MODERN: Play In Motion with Rodger Stevens

Masters of children’s décor and design, kinder MODERN partnered with acclaimed wire sculptor Rodger Stevens for a new collection of kinetic, wire objects. Each piece of the collection reflects images of parenting or of a child’s toys. The brand has become a go-to for parents designing a nursery or bedroom for young children, with everything from small rocking chairs to stuffed animals reinvented to be a chic seat.

In their new collection with Stevens, the brand employs a more artistic approach to children’s décor and furniture in each object. Not every toy or piece needs to have dozens of bells and knobs to turn, nor does every item need to be Montessori-approved.

LOBBY by Dowel Jones

Coming all the way from Australia, Dowel Jones’ latest venture, LOBBY, showed off the brand’s new collection of chairs at Lower East Side shop Coming Soon. Collaborating with virtual reality designer Tom Hancocks, the exhibit encouraged visitors to sit in the chairs while wearing a VR headset to transport them to a beautiful art deco hotel lobby. The chairs are the first physical object Hancocks worked on, with the collection being one of the firm’s first forays into the American market. The tubular shape of the chairs steps into a budding trend in furniture with metal, industrial designs envisioned to emphasize comfort previously only found in bigger, plush seating.

A Prelude To The Shed

Hudson Yards continues to cement itself as one of the most interesting new neighborhoods in the city both from a design and cultural perspective. The Shed, a new arts and entertainment venue in the area, is nearing it’s completion, with this prelude offering a great insight to how the finished project will impact the city overall. The Shed is an adaptable, changeable system of parts that can be reassembled to account for any crowd size or need for the venue, whether that becomes a new home for NYFW or a concert hall. The multi-faceted nature of The Shed, both in its prospective residents and malleable nature to weather circumstances, is an interesting new route for architects to look at in adaptable buildings.

Gong Terrazo Table by Cappellini

Reproducing the charm of Venetian flooring, Cappellini’s table recreates a classic look from the company with a creatively colorful piece that acts both as a décor object and a practical piece for any home. Using a new process of manufacturing, the colors are also available in a range of options and palates. Repurposing Terrazo off the ground and into the furniture is a great way to add a layer of texture, not to mention a pop of color, to any room.

Taliesin 1 for Cassina

Originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1949 for the living room of his home in Talieson West home in Arizona, this plywood and leather chair is a beautifully modern look that perfectly matches the expert architects home design. While Wright was known foremost as an architect, this chair belongs in the pantheon of great seating designs alongside those of Le Corbusier, Eames, and Mies van der Rohe. Constructed from a single piece of wood, folded over and over again, the piece is also called “Origami”.

The re-edition of the chair using Cassina’s manufacturing and materials in these three colors is a great opportunity to use an expert designer’s look in a modern setting. Despite the ubiquity in fast-furniture like West Elm and Ikea shooting for mid-century looks, sourcing the classics will always add a statement to any interior design.

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