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Doodling the Iconic Fendi Logo Under The Roman Sky

Revealing a collaboration with Mr Doodle, the house presents a fantastic rooftop performance combining street art with Fendi's iconic brand identity.
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Fendi continues to show the power of street art in showing off its iconic double-F logo. After rooftop takeovers by Russian calligrapher Pokras Lampas, the six young artists of "The Ring of The Future," and the Roman collective “GraFFiti” performance, the House of Fendi is continuing to highlight its unique bond with graffiti art through a new collaborative performance with viral artist Sam Cox, also known as Mr Doodle. 

Having previously achieved prominence for his unique doodles, the London-born artist injected his creative energy into a two-day drawing event, taking his pen to giant mirrored letters spelling out FENDI, ROMA, and the standout double-F. 

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The short video features Mr Doodle in his artistic element, bringing out his fun and witty personality while unveiling his practice, which he calls OCD for "Obsessive Compulsive Drawing," in the most Fendi way possible.  

Cox starts out by doodling on a mirrored letter F, and this sets off an unstoppable urge to draw as he covers not only the Fendi rooftop, but the whole Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, with his artwork. The video then shifts to frames showing Caterina, one of the Fendi atelier's petites mains, stitching on the artist’s jumpsuit. She combines tailoring techniques and applies them to different materials and textures to create a unique piece, celebrating both craftsmanship and artistry, in parallel with Cox's visual drawings. This is all to show how graffiti art and Fendi's heritage can come together through a personal, handmade touch. 

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Fendi also celebrates this amazing young artist with a personalized "Doodle" edition of its Peekaboo bag. And while mingling with the art world is familiar territory for the brand (and all of fashion), doodling hits especially close to home as longtime creative director Karl Lagerfeld was famous for his casually chic sketches, including one of his first-day Fendi look that showed on video alongside the presentation of his final collection just two days after his death. While Lagerfeld may not be behind this new campaign, as his sketch for his final Chanel show read, "The Beat Goes On...", and it looks like the brand is certainly maintaining its creative spirit through the new Mr Doodle collaboration.

1565275957212575 peekaboo bag by mr.doodle 01


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