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Gucci and Artsy Team Up at Art Basel

The immersive activation-cum-party saw Dev Hynes, Rupi Kaur, and more.
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If there's an upcoming movie we're terribly excited to see, it's Black Panther. Not only has the Marvel superhero phenomenon taken over the fashion world, but it's quickly taking over the world of music as well, releasing a star-studded soundtrack that has rightfully captured our attention. And speaking of the film's soundtrack, Kendrick Lamar and SZA just dropped the first music video for its lead single "All the Stars." 

Directed by Dave Meyers ("Loyalty," "Drew Barrymore") & the little homies, the clip features Lamar navigating through a world that appears both biblical and otherworldly before venturing out into other rich colorscapes. It's the Africa that has always existed: gorgeous, rich, and powerful.

The clip also gave us some stand-out fashion moments, much like the looks we saw on the Black Panther purple carpet. Several extras don traditional African garments like the dashiki paired with ankle-length pants and Converse All-Stars. Others in the vid wear intricate head wraps and African tribal makeup in feather-embellished ensembles. All the while, SZA twirls throughout a flurry of stars (Van Gogh could never), before serving up an iconic pop diva/laying-on-the-floor look for her delivery of the song's second verse. 

But why go on? See it all for yourself, below. 

Look 4
Look 4
Dodge Ram
"I want to give the DVF girl what she wants when she wants it." – Nathan Jenden


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Joan Rivers

Pan Con Tomate

Widely enjoyed by Spanish people across the nation, this breakfast dish is readily available in most cafes and restaurant settings. Even better though, is that it’s simple to make at home after leaving the country, too. Fresh tomatoes are halved and grated on a normal box grater into a bowl (seeds are fine, but leave the skin out). Next, stir in a dash of salt and a measure of olive oil. Slice a loaf of bread in half and apply as much as you like. It’s easy, healthy, and the way the Andalusian people make it, it's incredibly fresh.

"Sex and Drugs" 


Do you know the mood you want to set going into a record?
I do when I’m halfway through, even three songs deep if they’re written well enough. Luckily for me, I wrote “Lust for Life” on the day that I finished Honeymoon, two years ago. I knew everything was going to be in a different hue, I just didn’t quite know how.

What’s your most personal song?


If you could change any one thing about the music industry, what would it be?
More female producers.

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