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Tajan Presents: The Eclectic Collection of Dr. Fischer

The auction house is giving you the chance to add pieces of history to your own personal collection.
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"The Eclectic Collection of Dr. Fischer" could very well be the title of an adventure novel that, like the great texts of RL Stevenson, Joseph Conrad or Jack London, project unto the reader both sensation and action. We would like to think that Dr. Georg Fischer, born in Austria at the beginning of the 1950s, would have been the ideal inspiration for a literary character. His childhood and adolescence were spent in the vast Renaissance castle of Schwarzenau in northwestern Vienna, punctuated by this unauthorized discoveries throughout the house, which was uninhabited during long, harsh winters. After completing his studies, the young Georg Fischer became free to roam the globe in search of sites and finds from the top of the North Pole to the bottom of the South Pole. His vast intellectual curiosity and aesthetic sensibilities are what inspired him to collect pieces from all over the world: objets d'art, watches, jewelry, and not to mention furniture by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. Together with his wife Nina, they curated a considerable collection, from which auction house Tajan house made some selections, notably the pieces of Demeter Chiparus whose work, inspired by the Ballets Russes, beautifully depicts the opulence of the Art Deco era.


Some pieces from the inventory include a miniature powder compact from the 1900s, equipped with a powder puff with gold catch; a precious wooden bracelet from the 1970s; a 1930s-style necklace with coral spheres and chrysoprase signed by Cartier; a rare sautoir "Frou Frou" from Boucheron; an English-made pocket watch from the mid-eighteenth century; a Rolex chronograph from the 1940s; a pair of silver metal jugs by Louis Süe and André Mare for Christofle and many, many more. There is also a rare chryselephantine sculpture in bronze with red patinas, silver, and gold by Demeter Chiparus; a hairdresser model called Van Beuningen from 1931, by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann; a stucco panel by Jean Dunand presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1937; a vase titled  "Locusts" (made in 1945, according to a drawing of 1921) by René Lalique; and a globe conceptualized by E. Dubail mounted on foot (late 19th-century), A visit to the exhibition preceding the sale will undoubtedly awaken an urge to shop and own a piece of history. 

This atypical sale mobilizes the expertise of Maison Tajan' paired with these priceless items that embody the spirit of the decorative arts of the 20th century. 


Tajan Space
"The Eclectic Collection of Dr. Fischer"
37, rue des Mathurins 75008 Paris
T. +33 1 53 30 30 30

Exhibition Tuesday, May 22 from 10 am to 6 pm;
Wednesday, May 23 from 10 am to 2 pm.
Sale Wednesday, May 23 at 6 pm.


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