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The Candy-Inspired Louis Vuitton Sofa

For its Objets Nomades collection, Louis Vuitton presented an exclusive turquoise edition of Bomboca Sofa designed by two Brazilian brothers.
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Humberto and Fernando Campana are two brothers who have been working diligently since the early eighties. Since their design studio operates from Sao Paolo, it's only natural that Brazil and its cultural practices often serve as a source of inspiration for the two. Everyday materials are revalued and serve as a starting point for their colorful designs. For Louis Vuitton's Objets Nomades collection, the two designed the Bomboca Sofa: a bombastic modular furniture. We spoke to the brothers following the turquoise edition launch of the Bomboca Sofa at Design Miami fair. 

You launched the Bomboca Sofa last year. Is it already time for a new version?

Fernando: During a meeting with Louis Vuitton, we decided that we wanted to show a new version during Design Miami. We designed this limited edition sofa as an ode to the city. The colors refer to the architecture and nature of Miami. 


What's the idea behind this design?

Fernando: The Bomboca Sofa, which means "candy" in Portugese, is an object made of eight cushions in different shapes, embraced by a bowl. It resembles a box of candy. Hence the name.

Humberto : For this new version we have captured the blue colors of Miami. The bench is easy to dismantle and can thus travel to the beach, the countryside, or anywhere else. The Bomboca can be anywhere. 


You are from Brazil. Can we see this in your designs again?

Both: [Laughs] Yes! We always try to translate that typical Brazilian atmosphere into our creations. We call this researching "the poetry of the moment", whether it is a simple piece of fruit, a flower, or a recycled piece of waste. We owe our country the richness of our beautiful beaches that seem to have been washed ashore by empty bottles from the Atlantic Ocean. 

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