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The Met's Rooftop Art Installation Opens Today

This year's roof installation features sci-fi themed sculptures titled We Come In Peace.
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Come spring, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's rooftop garden becomes the coolest hangout spot in the city.

Open to the public today is the museum's sixth annual sculpture commission for the Roof Garden, We Come In Peace. Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha takes on a science-fiction theme, as she created two sculptures resembling outerspace creatures (looking like they just landed on the roof). Known for her use of everyday materials, the sculptures are made of styrofoam, plastic, wood, and cork. 

In an interview by the Met, the artist explained the narrative of her artwork as the first contact between humans and aliens. "There is something in these two sculptures which deals with the relationship between the powerful and the disenfranchised," said Bhabha. And the rest of the message, is open for interpretation. "I'm the kind of artist, I don't want to have a text describing exactly what is happening. Rather, let the drama unfold."

The Roof Garden at the Met Fifth Avenue is open April 17 through October 28. 




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