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The Rockefeller Art Auction Breaks Records

In one day, Christie's auction of David and Peggy Rockefeller's collection reached a staggering total of 646 million dollars.
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This week, Christie's New York headquarters devotes a three-day auction to David Rockefeller and his wife, Margaret McGrath's (Peggy) treasured art collection. The first day of the auction yesterday did not disappoint, in fact, it reached a total of 646 million dollars from more than 1,000 works of art. The figure exceeds the estimated bid of one hundred million dollars.

The most expensive piece sold was a Picasso, Young girl with basket of flowers, which reached 115 million dollars — the second highest figure by the artist at an auction. 

Another large sale came from Claude Monet's Nymphéas en fleur or better known as his water lilies series, which broke the world record for the highest Monet sale at 84.7 million dollars. Rockefeller's collection also made a new record for the most expensive Henri Matisse work, with Odalisque couchée aux magnolias (1923) sold at 80.7 million dollars. 

What's more treasured by bidders? Is it the fact that these art pieces were cherished by New York royalty, or is it the actual work itself? 

The auction continues through Friday, May 11. 

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