Best in Show: Spring Beauty's Finest

Ah, spring. How we’ve longed for your days in color, your Pagan celebrations, and the fantastic explosion of beauty launches.

ColourPop Lux Lipstick, $7

Apparently, the liquid lipsticks were just a warm up. CP’s rainbow-like range of solid lipsticks (blues, greens, black, and gold included) are the ultimate spring arrival to round out the brand’s popular offerings. For $7 each, treat yourself to the “Lux” blend of butters — acai, jojoba, and pomegranate seed — that will make you want to keep reapplying the self-proclaimed “creamy-matte” lippie.

Lime Crime Plushies Soft Focus Lip Veil, $20

Got it for the packaging; stayed for the actual light formula. This isn’t my first rodeo with liquid lipcolor, folks, but it might just be the first go round that didn’t send me flying into the dust, desperate to escape the beast of dry formulas and crusty colors. Consider this truly soft lip tint a nice, slow horseback ride on the beach.

Red Earth Beauty Lipstick Matches, $9 for all three

It’s products like Red Earth Beauty’s Lipstick Matches that make this life worth living. Lipstick has always been a handy weapon, but with three separate “matchbooks” — each with a different shade of pink at the tip — the beauty fave becomes danger. Though the packaging is enough to hold me, the formula is nourishing and highly pigmented. When you’re done applying, stick your half-used match back in the pack for touch-ups later on.

Paul and Joe Nail Polish (Spring 2018 exclusive), $16

Inspired by fruit juice, this Paul and Joe nail polish is a translucent drink for nails. A breath of fresh air for the polish commitment-phobes, this nail juice acts as a sweet tint to complement your undoubtedly vibrant spring wardrobe.

YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara, $29

YSL’s Vinyl Couture range is a high-end head start into the upcoming takeover of colored mascaras. While the brush is nothing special, the formula holds up its end of the bargain keeping lashes dark and full.  

OUAI Volume Spray, $26

Directions for use: continuously spray OUAI Volume Spray throughout hair while contemplating all the different possible pronunciations of OUAI. Blow dry. By the time you have concluded that “ooooh-eye” must be correct, your mane will have already transformed from limp hair-noodles to wavy rays of sunshine sprouting straight from your head. If you tend to have dry ends, however, keep the magic mist at the roots. It's pronounced like way, by the way. 


Memebox Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask, $15

Picture this: you’re reading an amazing article about spring beauty launches when a certain K-beauty lip mask featured in the roundup catches your eye. You decide to try it, making super sure to follow the author’s advice of applying it before bedtime. You wake up the next morning. You are filled with joy for no explainable reason. You go to declare your happiness when you realize your lips are so soft that you can hardly pronounce the letter “B”. This is the you of the future ‚ granted you invest in this pot of lip love.

MAKE Bisou Bisou Lip and Cheek Stick, $28

Without relying on obnoxious pinks to carry their spring launch, MAKE has created a truly down-to-earth lip and cheek stick that can add color any skin tone.

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