Chanel Will Be Releasing A Makeup Line 'For Men'

Although there is no doubt that Chanel’s makeup lines can be used by individuals of all genders, this is the brand’s first line marketed specifically towards men.
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Boy de Chanel’ offers three cosmetic products that are key to achieving a minimalist look: a foundation, a moisturizing matte lip balm, and an eyebrow pencil. The foundation and pencil are available in four shades.

The line has already received some backlash from people within and outside of the industry who have argued that marketing any type of product as gender-specific—particularly makeup—reinforces socially constructed categories. Particularly considering that these three cosmetic products very much already exist in Chanel’s inventory. While others have explained that, like Gabrielle who was the first woman designer to embrace men’s style, Chanel is just being consisted with its tradition of borrowing from any source to reinforces one’s own style.


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