Clinique’s First US Pop-Up Helps You Find Yourself

With Clinique’s iD products, skincare just got even more personal.
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Finding the right skin care is akin to finding the right partner. The whole process involves a lot of trial and error—she’s too controlling, it’s too dry, he’s so emotional, it’s too oily. More often than not, a dramatic break-up--or breakout--will ensue.

Thankfully, Clinique iD is arriving in New York to solve all of the matchmaking woes. The brand’s first ever pop-up, located at 132 Prince Street, will open today until February 17, and it offers a personalized experience to ensure eternal love between you and your skincare products.

Upon entering the stand-alone store, one could feel deceived. (or if you're Ja Rule, “hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, lead astray!!!”). The life-sized, brightly colored Clinique iD bottles that line the walls are similar to a pop-art exhibition. The on-site beauty experts will choose one of the 15 moisturizers to match your skin type, based on information provided. The experience serves a spa-meets-informational-chit-chat that results in glowing skin. Sign me up.

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