The Organic and Cruelty-Free Care of Recherche Beauté

The eco-friendly luxury cosmetics brand that might break your bank, but will mend your skin.
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The market for organic products, especially in beauty, is booming, which paves the way for a niche brand of eco-conscious luxury cosmetics like the California-based brand Recherche Beauté.

Created by the Vietnamese-American Peter Nguyen, the line of products, with attractive marbled packaging, is born from a mix of multiple inspirations: Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Recherche Beauté is, above all, the story of cutaneous resilience, that of its founder; struck by severe acne as a teenager, Peter Nguyen was introduced to the ancestral remedies of phytotherapy by his grandmother. Over the years, inspired by the healthy lifestyle of the City of Angels, he created a line of cruelty-free organic care, formulated with pure ingredients, and guaranteed paraben- and sulfate-free.

A bestseller is the Aura Cleanse Cashmere, a cleaning balm & mask, aptly named with its enriched cashmere protein. The miracle balm also contains colloidal silver, powerful anti-bacterial that balances the complexion.


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