Diptyque Celebrates 50 Years of Fragrance with an Immersive Experience

The French brand also launched two new fragrances in collaboration with illustrators.
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Walking into Diptyque’s first-ever pop up dedicated to fragrance in New York, is like entering a museum of scents dating back to the ‘60s. Welcomed by hundreds of different fragrances over the years, the SoHo store isn’t only an olfactory experience, but a visual one.


“A Painter Who Illustrated Scents,” is written in huge letters across a wall. Before the candles and the eau de toilettes, there were three artists who founded the brand: a painter, an interior decorator, and a set designer. They created fragrances by taking memories into visualization and art, which the pop-up reflects by guiding guests into interactive rooms based on memories of thirty raw ingredients from the iconic fragrances like L’Eau, Do Son, and Philosykos.

Also to celebrate the first fragrance created in 1968, L’Eau, Diptyque released two new fragrances, Fleur de Peau and Tempo. Fleur de Peau quickly became CEO Fabienne Mauny’s favorite scent, as she wore it during the opening of the pop-up space. “We wanted to pay tribute to the very first perfume and look back at the main ingredients from that period to create a perfume of today, not 50 years ago, and adapt it with this reference to the late ‘60s,” she said. “This morning I wore Fleur de Peau, one of the new ones, but I’m also such a fan of the first one, L’Eau.” (A side note that L'Eau is the first genderless perfume, ever). 


Of course in true Diptyque fashion, the bottles of the new fragrances are designed by artists illustrating the scents. “The olfactory development syncs with illustrations, which tells the story of fragrance,” said the CEO as she introduced Safia Oares, the artist who created the design for new perfume Tempo.

Oares took out sketchbooks of her initial drawings for Tempo’s bottle design. “Those sketchbooks are really witnesses of our past when we took to the creation of Tempo. They’re inspired by shamanism and the counter culture — the magical side of many cultures,” said the artist.


Her visualization comes to life in a closeted-space cabin, where visitors can walk into while sniffing each individual ingredient through a pen-like technology. A separate closet is also available to experience the birth of Fleur de Peau in collaboration with artist Dimitri Rybaltchenko.

Diptyque’s fragrance-dedicated store is open to the public at 112 Mercer St in New York until May 19.

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