Diptyque Celebrates 50 Years of Fragrance with an Immersive Experience

The French brand also launched two new fragrances in collaboration with illustrators.
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Was it intimidating acting alongside Bruce Willis for your first big role? 

When I received the call saying that I had gotten the role in Death Wish, I cried from happiness—and I also felt an incredible fear. Everything became instantly real and I said to myself, What did I get myself into? I’m not ready to shoot alongside Bruce Willis! Acting is scary the first time, but acting with someone like Bruce is downright terrifying. I thought I would arrive on set and choke or forget all my lines. But in all honesty, Bruce has made this first experience great. He supported me as an actor and as a friend. I felt encouraged the whole time.


What director do you dream of working with now? 

If I could have a part in a Scorsese movie, I could die happy.


Does your success on Instagram help your career? 

It has become a good platform on which to publicize my projects and news, like Sundance’s selection of the new independent film in which I appear, Never Goin’ Back directed by Augustine Frizzell. For me, it’s a space to show behind-the-scenes images and moments on shoots that I would not share otherwise.

Listen to Blue Madonna, below: 


Sofia Hellqvist, a former model and reality show star, began dating Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden in 2009, though their relationship was only confirmed the following year. The pair announced their engagement in 2014 and were married at an incredible ceremony in June 2015.

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