New Year, New Eye Makeup Trends

Bright color is the name of the game for adorning the windows to your soul in 2019.
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Trendy colors and new makeup techniques have the power to take everyday life in an unexpected direction, setting you up for an evening full of playfulness and luxury. While classic eye makeup is always a safe, tasteful choice, it's important to sometimes dare to try something a little more fierce. Below, find four of our latest eye makeup obsessions.


This spring will be full of hypnotic bright and pastel shades. Though the two are opposites, you can achieve the monochrome looks of both with the same technique—color the eyelids with one shade, and use enough eyeshadow for opaque coverage. For inspiration, look at the Spring 2019 collections of brands including Byblos, Lutz Huelle, Erdem, Rodarte, Peter Pilotto, and Marc Jacobs.

Rich Color

For those who want a quick but effective makeup look, adorn your eyelids with just one bright color. This is both convenient and fast, as you will not need to put much effort into your eyebrows, cheeks, or lips—highly pigmented eyeshadow looks amazing alongside an otherwise neutral face. A standout because the trendy colors are less common to standard eye palettes, this trend uses hues like fiery orange, sky and turquoise blue, fuchsia or milder tone pink, red, green, and yellow.

Mean and Green

Green eyeshadow will provide a refreshing spring spirit coinciding with the blooming plants. Shades include lush grass, the color of birch leaves, pastel mint, traditional St. Patrick's Day green, and jade. Pay attention to this trend, because green hues can complement all eye colors well. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, green, violet, or hazel, take a bold step this season and try green shadows, eye pencils, and contours.

Neon Bold

This year, the capricious trend of neon beauty has its moment to shine alongside the new season's clothes, footwear, and accessories. Explore a provocative lime hue, energizing pink and orange, or glowing shades of turquoise. To embrace the full effect of neon, choose creamy and liquid shadows or apply white on your eyelids before adding color.

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