Combat Weird, Interseasonal Weather with These 7 Perfect Face Masks

The elements show no mercy on the complexion. Here's what you'll need to put up a fight.
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Applying a mask is a ritual. Pull back your hair, wash your face, apply the mask and pass out on a sofa/bed for as long as indicated (by far our favorite step of the ritual and probably the reason why we use masks two to three times a week). Whether you engage in this ritual once a month, once a week or every day, one thing's for sure: besides giving your skin an incredible boost, there's something magically relaxing about this whole process. So, go ahead and treat yourself with our favorite masks of the moment.




Peeling Solution by Dr. Jart

This fun, bubble-filled mask is ideal for refreshing your skin. Thanks to its deep peeling features, you'll find that the outermost layer of your skin will be completely rid of dead skin cells and an uneven tone. Just remember that peels work a little harder on the skin than other products, so we suggest that you limit their use depending on your skin type.



Cold Plunge Pore Mask by Ole Henriksen

If you have mixed or oily skin, then this is for you. This beautiful turquoise mask not only helps to balance and refresh the skin, but it also controls fat. The lactic and salicylic acid in its formula eliminates dead cells and improves the size and appearance of pores. You can use it before your daily routine once or twice a week.



Detox Dust by Clean Beauty Co.

Believe it or not, this mask comes in powder form. Clean Beauty Co., famous for using organic ingredients, is all about DIYing according to what your own skin needs. Simply combine a teaspoon of the powder with the base of your choice (yogurt, honey, milk or even hot water), stir and apply. Its formula has papaya and ginseng enzymes to provide antioxidants as well as kaolin clay to eliminate toxins.





Clarifying Clay Masque by SkinCeuticals

Your skin will be feeling luminous and clear almost immediately after using this mask. The brand's trademark natural clays and botanical extracts help cleanse acne, minimize pores and unify the facial tone—all without irritating or inflaming the skin.


TLC Sukari Baby Facial by Drunk Elephant

This brand has enchanted the world of beauty with its use of totally clean ingredients (i.e. bye-bye chemicals and synthetics!) This mask works a little more like a facial than the others on this list. It contains AHAs and BHAs responsible for removing dead cells and deep cleaning the pores, just like a professional facial would. Due to the strength of its formula, we recommend you use it once a week. We can also confirm that it's good for all skin types.

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