Glossier Opens a Pop-Up Cafe in San Fransisco

Would you like your buttermilk fried chicken with a side of our Milk Jelly Cleanser?
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Glossier finally crosses over to Cali, just not LA (yet). Shortly after the millennial cult brand took over Instagram during the Oscars with the launch of "Lidstar," the G team moves on to open a pop-up store in Rhea's Cafe, in the Mission District of San Francisco. Glossier has previously collaborated with Momofuku Milk Bar for a new Balm DotCom flavor, but the pop-up at Rhea's Cafe takes beauty and comfort food to a new territory. 

For the whole month, guests can have the cafe's signature buttermilk fried chicken sandwich or the Korean steak sandwich (apparently one of the city's best sandwiches), while trying on Glossier's products on the vanity mirrors provided. Every corner is a guaranteed insta-worthy moment — a crossroad between that foodporn shot and the pink wall background on the grid. 

Glossier at Rhea's Cafe is located at 2200 Bryant St, San Francisco, and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. until April 15. 


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