How To Tame An Ultra-Long Mane

Here’s some expert advice on the hottest comeback trend of the moment: ‘Cher Hair’
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Invest in ‘zero risk’ extensions.

Unless you are incredibly blessed with perfect hair, it would be hard to achieve that Versace, Ralph Lauren and Dior look without a little help. There is an elite group of extension experts – true artists, really – who are dedicated to helping mere mortals realize their ultra-long, ultra-smooth hair dreams for an evening or for a whole season. And here you thought that extensions were just for the Kardashians and The Real Housewives

Among this elite group of specialists is Karim, founder of Salon Konfidentiel. Located in the heart of Rue Saint Honoré and, as of recently, Rue Marbeuf, a number of French actresses and models are flocking to the salon for his talents and for the irreproachable quality of his extensions. Karim only uses natural hair from the high-end brand, Great Lengths, which he then attaches a few millimetres from the scalp.

“Our extensions are tailor-made based on the texture of a person’s hair as well as the result they’re hoping to achieve. Depending on the nature and thickness of their hair, we adjust lengths and volumes," explains Karim.

Why? Far from the damaging thermo-collage of yesteryear, this ‘cold’ technique is above all a personalized approach. Attaching extensions is not only safer on roots, but is easier to maintain and super comfortable. That being said, there are some restrictions for its use: “The truth is, we refuse customers daily. Either their hair is too short so the result would be unnatural-looking, or their hair texture is too fragile and would result in too much hair loss.” If you’re lucky enough to be able to dedicate one to two hours of your time to the process, rest assured that you will have perfectly extended hair for three to four months.


267 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

Japanese hair smoothening treatments are your best friend.

This 2018 vintage hair trend is all about anti-frizz diligence and maintenance. To avoid weakening the hair with frequent brushing and aggressive straightening irons, try using Japanese smoothening treatments that are both gentle and permanent. This innovative and safe process involves re-touching roots every six months as your hair grows out. The result? Straight natural roots that match your equally straight extensions.

According to Dupuy, “I would advise that you also invest in Brazilian relaxing treatments to ensure that shiny and silky effect.”

Celine Dupuy, color and styling expert, specializes in these next-gen straightening techniques. Each process can mean up to four or five hours spent in her famous salon, located close to the Place De L’Etoile. “Japanese smoothening can be done on natural and colored hair, however highlighted hair is a different story since the differences in hair sensitivity between the locks can result in different degrees of smoothness. We don’t recommend smoothening to clients with especially damaged or discoloured hair either, but rather direct them towards more keratin-based smoothing. This involves cleansing their hair with a specific shampoo then eventually using a special straightener on very thin strands,” Dupuy explains. “Another crucial thing to remember is up-keep, “ she adds. “Japanese smoothening, in itself, is not aggressive. But since it changes the structure of your hair, it must be treated regularly with protective oils and nourishing masks to prevent it from becoming dehydrated.”


9 Rue de L'Arc de Triomphe, 75017 Paris

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