Makeup Even Your Makeup-Hating Friend Will Love

Our favorites products that enhance natural beauty and are easy to use.
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Let's face it: we don't want to have to shop at separate stores for everyone on our gift list. The holidays are tiring, and as much as we love our friends and family, we'd also like to cut down on time and/or shipping costs. But more than that, we want our friends to feel good. And some people who claim to hate makeup don't hate the idea of it, they just don't want to take the time to learn Instagram trends (no matter how simple) or watching YouTube beauty reviews. If hassle was eliminated, plenty of people wouldn't mind having a smoother complexion, and SPF-based products to protect their skin. Many more wouldn't mind simple brow, skin, or lip products; it's the natural makeup look taken to the extreme, because there's no need to be anything but natural. 

We've pared down some easy-to-use, one-and-done makeup products to crack the veneer of your makeup-hating friends—without aking away from their natural shine, of course. Most of which can be bought either with free shipping, or at places like Sephora, where you're probably already buying something for yourself or someone else. They're great add-ons, or full on gifts, for someone who may resist makeup—but definitely won't resist a new trinket.


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