Old Hollywood Glam Takes Over Grammys Beauty

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From Chrissy Teigen to Janelle Monae, there was one beauty look that took over last night's Grammys: refined, Old Hollywood glamour. It's somewhat ironic, as this is the first time the awards show has taken place in New York City and not Los Angeles since 2003. Regardless, the night was filled with dramatic neutral tones, gilded eyes, thick lashes, and lit-up rosy cheeks. On the lips, makeup artists took two routes: they either kept the look straightforward with a nude, or they used a bright red to provide a pop of color to the look. The key to Old Hollywood glam is to exaggerate the features and colors that are already there, and the artists took that to the next level—here are some ways you can copy it at home.

Get a Natural-Looking Foundation

Like all beauty looks, this one starts at the most basic of places: the skin. What you want is a foundation that looks like skin, but will even out texture and tone to give you your best fresh face. Of course, no foundation will ever look completely natural as skin is inherently going to be flawed, but we're not looking for totally natural here. We're looking for the idealized version of natural. CoverFX's Natural Finish Oil Free foundation is great for looks like these, and it comes in 40 shades, so it's easy to find one that fits you. If you suffer from severely oily skin, you might try a different foundation like NARS's Sheer Glow

Rouge, Highlight, and Bronze Your Cheeks

Although contouring feels like you're becoming a different, more angular person, the look at the Grammys was all about becoming a better version of yourself. That means it's time to put down the cream contour (although we all love the Fenty Matchstix,) and pick up a couple makeup brushes. A light wash of bronzer extending from your ears to the hollows of your cheeks gives life to skin left looking one-dimensional from foundation. Blush, either a coral or a true red, should be used to accentuate your natural flush. Don't worry if it looks slightly more dramatic than normal, as that's part of the style. Finally, use a highlighter to call attention to the places where the light would normally hit your face—but don't overdo it. Go for subtle sheen over disco ball. For an all-in-one experience, Tom Ford's "Soleil Afterglow" palette hits all these sweet spots.

Don't Overdo the Eyes

Urban Decay's Naked palettes are staples in every professional's makeup kit and every hobbyist's makeup drawer for a reason: they're perfect for a finished, but not overdone eye makeup look. While the original Naked palette is great for those with warmer undertones, Naked2 is for those who run cool. A simple all-over satin finish gold or bronze is great for the eyelid, while the crease and outer corner of the eye should have darker colors blended into them. Urban Decay also takes the cake in the mascara category as well, with their Perversion mascara being the closest you can get to false eyelashes without actually having to go through the hassle of putting glue on.

You'll notice that there weren't many unusual shades on the red carpet this year—in fact, despite the recent focus on loud lip colors from cosmetics brands, most celebrities showed up wearing neutral tones. There's a logic to this: neutral tones don't detract from the glamour of the rest of the face. They're demure. Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipstick in "Pillow Talk" is a beloved shade in this category; it wouldn't be surprising to find that some of your favorites walked down the red carpet wearing it last night. 

If you feel your look is too neutral, though, a bright red is your best bet. Take a tip from a celebrity make up artist and try out Pat McGrath's Luxetrance Lipstick in "McGrath Muse" to get a pout so iconic, you'll feel like Audrey Hepburn.



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