Pat McGrath Launches Holiday Collection, "LiquiLust 007"

The limited-edition launch features 6 liquid lipsticks, 3 glosses, and a whole lot of glitter.
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After the launch of her eponymous, and permanent, Mothership line this past fall, we thought we might've seen the last of Pat McGrath labs. But mother isn't done with her experimental line just yet, in fact, quite the opposite. Today, she launches LiquiLust 007—a set of liquid lipsticks with a formula that's made for mixing, matching, and blending. 

Of course, it wouldn't be Pat McGrath if the line just had liquid lipsticks. The lipsticks come in sets of three, and each set comes with a gloss and a corresponding glitter. Aptly called "Colour Blitz," one set features an eggplant shade, a hot pink, and a bright red (with the provocative names of "Nightshade," "Wreckage Totale," and "Revelation Red," respectively,) and a violet pigment. The other set, "Skin Show," features varying degress of nude ("Divine Nude," "Possessed," and "Slay-OMI,") and a gold pigment. You can use the clear gloss included in both sets as an adhesive to keep the glitter on, or just to add a seductive, dripping-wet look to the lipsticks themselves. If you, totally understandably, can't decide between either kit, you can elect to buy the "Everything" kit—as one might expect, it contains all six shades, both pigments, and the gloss. 

Also for sale are three two-piece kits. One holds two glosses in Bronze and Gold, just in case you're not a lipstick fan. The two others hold stand-alone shades and glosses: "Femme Moderne" comes with the Bronze Gloss, while "Deceit" comes with the Gold. For those who aren't interested in the fuss of blending shades and pigments, but still want an intense lip, these might be the more attractive option. 

Needless to say, like all of the Pat McGrath Labs concoctions, these kits are limited edition. You can pick them up at Sephora or Photos of each are below.



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