Peter Philips on How to Recreate His Wild Dior Couture Eyeliner

The bold design for Spring 2018 was the highlight of the season.
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Earlier this week, Dior presented its surrealist themed Spring 2018 couture collection in Paris. Unsurprisingly, the makeup was a huge part of the look, with makeup artist and creative director Peter Philips creating incredibly exaggerated eyeliner looks.  The extreme liner complimented the Stephen Jones designed masks worn on the catwalk.

Philips oversaw nearly 80 different sets of eyes for this particular runway show, in addition to applying fake tattoos with surrealist quotes. The liner look is sort of an extension of the models’ natural lashes, gone supersize. Want to try the spiked winged liner look at home? We got the how-to, directly from Philips himself, backstage before the show.

1. To create the look, Philips used a brand new felt-tipped eyeliner, the Diorshow On Stage Liner in Matte Black, which hits shelves in June 2018. To get the look at home right now, use any slim, felt tip liner that allows you to draw freehand. “It’s very loose. You can go really thick or you can go really fine,” he says.


2. Use a heavy hand. “When I applied the makeup, I looked at the girl and drew two stripes,” he explains. “Very horizontal, then I just added the illusion of fake lashes, very rough and heavy-handed. I just used the same kind of brushstrokes. Not too clean, otherwise it looks like Ice Capades makeup, which is great, but not for this kind of show.”


3. To top off the look, he used a bit of beige liner in the corner of the eye and applied Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear Primer. “Add a little bit of oil moisturizer,” he says, for the ultimate look.



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