12 Innovative Ways to Try the Ponytail Hair Trend in 2020

From the runways to your favorite celebrities, gather inspiration here for some daring takes on the classic hairstyle, back with a vengeance in the new decade.
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Photo courtesy of Daisy Walker, backstage at JW Anderson FW 2020

It's difficult to find a hairstyle as popular as the ponytail. Loved for its practicality, the look is worn daily in classic styles for a range of occasions. The style has become so prevalent that we often forget its variations, but a growing 2020 ponytail hair trend is here to remind us that our options are anything but limited. From braids to volume to hair accessories galore, so many different styles have the potential to bring a glamorous new touch to an everyday pony. Whether you're looking to shake up your look or want a fun new beauty challenge to try at home, read on for 12 ponytail hair trends to modernize the timeless style.

Baby Hair Chic

While baby hairs have been around forever as a beauty staple in the Black and Latina communities, they are having a major moment in 2020 as celebrities and fashion favorites increasingly embrace the style's potential to accentuate a range of looks. Play with your baby hairs to modernize the latest ponytail hair trends, whether you go for an ultra-high placement like Yara Shahidi or prefer something as slicked down as your edges.

Braids are Always a Good Idea

Looking for a way to bring a classic high pony to the next level? Wrap a braid around your elastic to make the style chicer than ever, using nothing extra but your own hair and a couple of bobby pins. Aesthetically, it has a bit of a scrunchie effect, but the seamless blending of the two hairstyles creates a subtle ponytail hair look that your friends just may soon be emulating.

Volume is Your Best Friend

Dare to enhance your pony with excess volume for a loud, powerful look. This ponytail hair trend is perfect for anyone with a coarser, curlier texture, but even those without as much natural volume can try it out with the help of some heat tools and a great product. Regardless of how you achieve it, you'll be sure to turn heads with your bold statement.

Waves, Waves, and More Waves

Maximize your waves by adding a high ponytail in a cascading, couture look. A few years after mermaid hair was all over, this is the perfect way to make the aesthetic work for 2020, and paired with a silk hair tie or other chic accessory, you've found a fun ponytail hair look that truly takes the practical style into a fashion realm.

Pearls are a Girl's Best Friend

Elegant in all situations, pearls give any ponytail hair look a more sophisticated effect. After 2019's hair accessories phenomenon, adorned hair has been a natural next step both on the runways and in personal style, and with the subtle sophistication a row of pearls can provide, it's hard to believe we didn't catch onto this covetable idea sooner.

Why have just one ponytail...

...When you can have three! While it feels incredibly unique, this ponytail hair look is easy to recreate: just divide your hair into three sections vertically, then secure the top part first before joining it with the middle, then finally bringing it together at the nape of your neck. While the style is worn smooth in the picture, we bet it would look just as cool with high volume at the base.

Sophisticated Braids

When you want a more refined look, a simple braid can add plenty of sophistication. Braids never really went away and have had an increased presence as a Fall 2020 beauty trend, and it's easy to see why: a braid or twist takes a classic pony to the next level without much time or effort.

Focus on Accessories

For a perfectly on-trend hairstyle, just add accessories. Hair is a true canvas for maximalist accessorizing, a fact that fashion and beauty gurus have been embracing in full force over the past year. While Charlize Theron has proven that a row of luxurious adornments down your part can help with embracing grown-out roots, the sky's the limit here, so take some time to play with how you can use accessories to bring together your own locks and current ponytail hair trends in the best way possible.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Messy

After an earlier wave of popularity in the '90s and early aughts, tendrils are back in full force, with famous faces like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid embracing the look. To try it out, simply leave the front strands loose in your messy look, creating an instant face-framing effect.

Herringbone Braids

Otherwise known as fishtail braids (and known by many as the subject of many a hair tutorial at the height of Pinterest), herringbone braids are your best friend for a fashion-oriented ponytail hair trend. To make it feel new again, wear the style high and finish it up midway through.

Bubble Ponytail

One of the easiest ways to shake up a regular ponytail is to add more elastics. Space a few out evenly over the length of the pony, and adjust placement to create a bubble effect.

Just a Little Knotty 

From Chanel to Giambattista Valli, bows are back, and tying one onto a classic pony is the perfect way to elevate the look. This ponytail hair trend is great for a formal event, but it's also fun to wear any time you're looking for a feminine, romantic hairstyle.

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