Rihanna's Hair Has Done It All

For fashion and beauty mogul Rihanna, the hair is another part of making a style statement.
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Throughout the years, Rihanna has proved herself as a stellar singer, skilled fashion designer, and seasoned skincare connoisseur. The Barbados-born jack of all trades has remained in the limelight despite putting her music career on pause. However, she has made up for the lack of a new record with numerous fan-favorite projects and launches. Last year, she collaborated with footwear designer Amina Muaddi to create a Fenty-inspired shoe capsule while simultaneously designing a new installment of her successful lingerie line. The list of Rihanna's career highlights is never-ending, but her style evolution might just be at the top. 

Rihanna has been spotted in everything from a full Chanel ensemble to a Swarovski crystal-encrusted gown, but somehow her statement hairstyles always seem to stun the most. Throughout her time in the public eye, Rihanna has debuted more haircuts than we can count, and they have all been equally legendary. The star's bold red hair and chic mullet have been the source of inspiration for numerous trends. In celebration of Queen Ri's 33rd birthday, L'OFFICIEL looks back on some of her best styling moments, and not a single bad hair day is in sight. 



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