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Eckhaus Latta Spring 2019

Tie-dyes, toddlers and teals are just a few features of the designer duo's multifarious Spring collection.
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You know you're in for something special when Whoopi Goldberg is seated in the front row of a show. 

And special it was. For years, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have managed to distinguish themselves from the fashion 'system,' be it through their designs or the show's location (a derelict building out in Bushwick). Sauntering down the make-shift metal sheet runway to the sounds of children banging on pots and tambourines, Eckhaus Latta's models presented distinctive silhouettes in a variety of texture-rich fabrics. Interspersed between more subdued camisole dresses and matching top-bottom pieces (including a tie-dyed denim outfit), were the unique looks that Eckhaus Latta is known for. The tailored mesh tops and patch-work argyles made a particularly strong impression among the pieces of this Spring 2019 collection. That being said, could this be the start of a more grown-up vision for the designers?

See every look from the collection, below.


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