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Jil Sander Spring 2019

Geometry was a major inspiration this season.
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The spring 2019 collection by Lucie and Luke Meier is a tribute to the essence of modern women's clothing. Find its balance in apparently conflicting traits. Their world takes shape by merging freedom and discipline, vigor and sagacity, rhythm and asymmetry, desire and control. The starting point is the uniform; the form referred to the structure. Simple geometric motifs, elementary cut with generosity, inspired by functional clothing, made with solid, smooth, robust fabrics. The square and tidy shirts with the cuffs that protrude and the construction on the reverse are reduced to the essential.
Combined with short pleated skirts, here is the proposal of a new silhouette that explores the male / female relationship. When exhibited as complete looks, geometric garments create a new tailoring, refining the idea of a shirt and trousers.

The secondary movement of the uniform is explored in the context of athletic and dancing performance. Knitted or interwoven silhouettes, asymmetrical shapes, boxing toes with classical ballpoint, delicate over-the-knee stockings with an open toe are inspired by the uniforms of physical training. The contrast between the rigidity of ritualistic practice and the moment of performance, free and emotional, echoes clearly.
Severity meets emotion. The high competence used to express an idea wonderfully.

Always important in the world of Meier, the presence of nature. The fabrics in natural fiber are dyed on the head to create an irregular color, the hides and canvases are not worked and are left in their natural state, the sandal with wedge gives the natural wood and leather a modern shape. The fashion show has also been selected to illustrate the ever-present and eternal symbol of nature: wild plants grow luxuriantly within a symbol of industry. Accessories are inspired by elementary geometry. The new Sombrero leather bags, made with pure and circular lines; the new series of Box bags in leather, leather, and canvas or silver show strong and exaggerated volumes and bright colors. The jewelry, in onyx and golden finish, or in sterling silver, is made with the union of spheres, pyramids, and cubes, or knots and scarves. The leather accessories are playful, underline the silhouette with touches of color and shape: the black, white, blue and red micro-belts, the mini-pouch, the elaborate keyrings, the purses attached to bracelets suggest imagination and freedom in mixing the elements of a rich and diversified collection.


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