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Linder's New Collection Shows It's Softer Side

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Linder’s Fall 2019 Collection Shows forgoes it’s utilitarian tendencies in lieu of a softer palette.
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New York Fashion Week often coincides with Valentine’s Day, beginning the question: Will there be something on the runway I can wear for that one day of the year when most everyone is dawning hues of pink and red?  In the case of Linder, it’s a definite yes, with the new collection promoting the feminine side of practical and functional clothing.

With warm toned color-blocked sweaters and chevron coats making their way into this year’s collection, two things are clear: the 70s are forever and warmth is favored this holiday season.  While New York’s city dwellers are known for their outfitting in head to toe black, Linder offers a refreshingly cheerful approach to clothing that translates seamlessly from day to night.

Linder’s use of light hues of silks and satins in conjunction with denim and khaki makes for a pragmatic and dynamic line of clothing that demonstrates the brand’s ever-changing design choices.  

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