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Linder Spring 2019

For Spring 2019, a pointed breakdown of gendered dressing and a whole lot of plaid.
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This NYFW, fashion has truly proved that design knows no gender—and riding the forefront of the socially conscious and androgynous wave is menswear brand, Linder. For Spring 2019, Sam Linder put forth a contemporary and fashion-forward take on everyday menswear, elevating traditionally masculine silhouettes through the lens of feminine flairs. Utilizing tried-and-true prints like stripes and plaid, Linder Spring 2019 is a sartorial demonstration of fashion's "rules" breaking down in place of individuality, season by season. 

For Sam Linder, this collection marks one which numerous design motifs stemmed from the designer's personal style aesthetic. 

"I wear a lot of ugly plaids, and as we were designing the collection, Kirk pulled me aside and told me that it needs to look more like my sensibility, so I should throw some ugly plaid in there," Linder said. "I use the word ugly a little figuratively. I like the effect of plaid, it's a fabric that has a history that's interesting and all over the place. It can stand for conservatism and the utmost rebelliousness at the same time. I like to let those resonances be in there, you don't have to do anything beyond that." 

Additionally, the latest collection is one that he hopes will translate to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts, regardless of traditional style archetype.

"I would like many different types of people to wear it," Linder said. "I think the collection is very easy to style, so it looks like different collections. You can really make it look uptown, and kind of grunge, and preppy. I hope that different types of people can wear it, or someone who wants to be a different person every day can wear it."

Be sure to take a look at some shots of the collection below. 

View the entire collection, below.



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