Fashion Week

LOEWE Spring 2019

Jonathan Anderson's latest collection posits itself at the intersection of contemporary art and fashion for this year's Paris presentation.

The brutalist hedonism of the collection presents a natural addition to the runway's simulation of the infamous mid-century experimental London gallery SIGNALS. Think raw exotic leathers, tent volumes and wild ostrich feathers as models cross in and out of a series of restored rooms courtesy of the Maison de L'UNESCO in Paris - each hosting a unique sensory experience. Lara Favaretto's spinning car wash brushes provide a flurry of movement in one room, while a symphony of record players cradle Ryoji Koie ceramics in another. In the middle of Paris, Jonathan Anderson has transported us to a 1960's London (once the epicenter of the modern spirit) where he, himself, is one of the avant-garde artists who dream of changing the world, and this Spring 2019 collection is the art with which he is going to do it. 

Catch all the moments from LOEWE Spring 2019, bellow.


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