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Molly Goddard Fall 2019

From classic narratives of English literature comes the age of romantic drama thanks to Molly Goddard's latest collection.
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Visionaries continue to travel throughout the English countryside to discover romance. For Molly Goddard, a brand of dress shirts of fresh colors appease young girls. This time, the designer came back with a story from Tess of the d'Urbervilles. A novel iconic in classic English literature by Thomas Hardy, a figure that was known to Thai people as 'pure Tess', was brought back from dust in a more contemporary context. Through a piece of Victorian aura design entitled 'Exaggerated Play', which is not only limited to a collection of freshly colored cloth. This season, Molly Goddard has fused her designs to take on a true English identity. Garments featured square patterns, diamond patterns, multi-colored bow ties, multi-colored bows, and even a navy collar detailed onto a neutral winter coat.

All of this was presented through the designer's signature skirt, which appears outstanding with the details of the frame. More diverse, vintage-inspired fabric, layered in long coats brought the unique collection together, making the idea of covering up for the cold a breeze—one which, for Goddard, can be used to express the anguish and tragedy that comes as a result of unrequited love.


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