7 Questions Answered by Celebrity Hairstylist Kylee Heath

Trusted by stars like Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman, the hair guru reveals all from industry secrets to revelatory hair care tips.
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From Margot Robbie to Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman to Rachel McAdams, Kylee Heath is one of the reasons why Los Angeles is a city of great hair. Thus, it only makes sense that her latest hair care line,  inspired by L.A. for & Other Stories, is an ode to the town and its residents. Now, the lovely Kylee is sharing some of her wisdom with us.

How did you end up in the hair industry?

I’ve always wanted to be a hair stylist. When I was 19, I moved to Los Angeles to work at a hair salon in Beverly Hills. By the time I was 21, I had worked under several well-known celebrity hairstylists and eventually, I ended up at a company where I got my dream job. I love being able to work in different places every day. Traveling so much is really a dream come true.


How did you get connected with & Other Stories?

They approached my agent because they were looking for a hair care line co-developer. I was already a fan of & Other Stories so this was a great opportunity! Fortunately, the collaboration felt good and went really well.

The line is inspired by Los Angeles. What exactly is ‘L.A. hair’?

L.A. is so beautiful and diverse, that’s why we wanted this line to work for everyone and for every type of hair. Typical L.A. styles can range from long, beachy looks to super glamorous volumes. That’s why we’ve created many different types of products like the Melrose for volume, the Malibu Canyon for care and Venice Blvd for styling.


“Some people use hot styling products every day without using a protective product first. This isn’t good, especially if you have colored hair!”

What is the most important rule in hair care?

Find products that really work for you and your hair! Try a product three times and, if it still doesn’t work for you, try it in a different way. If it still doesn’t do what you want, then it’s not suitable for you.


Are there any hair myths that you wish you could bust?

Sure, there are. Some people think it’s okay to use hot styling products every day without using a protective product first. This isn’t good, especially if you have colored hair! Try using less heat on your hair, even if it means only cutting it down by one day—worst comes to worst, just wear your hair in a bun or braid that day, or use dry shampoo and texture spray to create volume. If you must use heat, then use a good protective product…like our Beach Spray!

What’s your morning hair routine when you’re in a hurry?

I am almost always in a hurry, so my hair care routine is very easy in the morning. After showering, I apply a bit of Restore Leave-In Mask on the tips and I spray Beach Spray through my hair. That way, it dries in messy, beachy waves.


You’ve styled so many celebs. Do you have a favorite among the looks that you’ve done recently?

I styled Margot Robbie’s hair for the premiere of her film Terminal. It was a very simple knot: so chic and yet very modern. The white elastic I used was visible and that added a fresh, cool edge to the otherwise elegant hairstyle.


You can shop the collection in full once available online on August 16.

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