Eight Costume Ideas for Getting Spooky Chic this Halloween

Forget about plastic vampire teeth, witch hats, and other cliché disguises. This year, take inspiration from some of our favorite fictional characters bound to impress all at your next spooky soirée.
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Barbie is possibly the world's most iconic doll, always capturing attention with her bubbly personality and penchant for trying new careers. Naturally, her exaggerated, bright appearance and strong cultural place have led to her being a favorite Halloween costume for many celebrities over the years, including Rita Ora, whose version is pictured above. The best way to instantly transform into Barbie is to go for all things pink and max out on the accessories. Top it off with some fuschia lipstick, and dazzle your way to the center of attention at any party.

Money Heist

The Spanish TV series, which follows a bank heist, has taken Netflix by storm, so what better way to tell the world you binge watch the show than to dress up as a chicer version of the characters' disguises? A fiery jumpsuit, artful heels, and of course, a Salvador Dalí mask will have you ready to take the Royal Mint of Spain (or just your Halloween party).


Catwoman has the perfect energy for Halloween, as the iconic comic book character has a rebellious spirit but a good heart. Pounce into an all black, fitted ensemble to embrace your wild side.

Cruella de Vil

Cities and industries have slowly been turning away from fur in pursuit of animal-friendly faux materials, meaning it's perfect timing to dress like Cruella de Vil, who is notorious for tormenting the 101 Dalmatians. You'll look incredibly chic in a fur coat, black dress, and fiery accessories, all with a relevant degree of spookiness.


Millie Bobby Brown has become a 14-year-old icon thanks to her expert portrayal of the Stranger Things character with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. While you may not be able to control things with your mind like Eleven, you at least can look like her by imitating her casual chic look from season 1. Absolutely required: an Eggo waffle.

Jessica Rabbit

Best known for being married to Roger Rabbit, whose form reflects their last name, the cartoon is famous for being a beautiful sex symbol. Embrace an animated dimension by mimicking her glamorous evening uniform, and be sure to have fun with hair and makeup.

Morticia Addams

The Addams Family's matriarch beautifully embodies the spirit of Halloween thanks to her ghostly glow and stern, aloof nature. You'll look so glamorous in a long, black dress as you people watch at the Halloween party, silently judging the surrounding masses.

Sandy Olsson

In Grease, Sandy embraced her rebellious side after a journey of falling in love with bad boy Danny, and honestly, the best part of this transformation was her incredible finale outfit. Embrace skintight, leather pieces, and be sure to finish the look with red lipstick and voluminous hair for a night to remember.



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