A Retrospective on Rick Owens Is Coming

On December 14, the Triennale Di Milano Museum will host SUBHUMAN, INHUMAN, SUPERHUMAN.
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With more than two decades of disrupting fashion under his belt, designer Rick Owens is getting a retrospective including his clothing, furniture, film, and sculpture work. Under the full eye of Owens, and suggestion of Triennale Di Milano fashion curator Eleonora Fiorani, SUBHUMAN, INHUMAN, SUPERHUMAN will examine the connecting themes of the designer's work, and its subsequent influence on others. Other artists included are Alessandro Manzoni, Pierre Molinier, Marcel Duchamp. 

The exhibition will certainly bring more attention to Owens's interests outside of fashion. Since 2005, he has been designing furniture collections, which, at times, look better suited for a modernist dungeon than home—concrete, metals, and ivory make up a bulk of the materials. The pieces borrow inspiration from the Brutalist and Minimalist movements.



SUBHUMAN, INHUMAN, SUPERHUMAN will go on display in the museum's signature exhibition space, The Curve, on December 15.


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