Adina Kamkhatchi's Insta-Famous Jewels Head to Nordstrom and Beyond

Business is booming for the designer behind Adina's Jewels, so we spoke with her to get all the details.
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Photos courtesy of Adina's Jewels

Adina Kamkhatchi has built herself an empire of embossed accessories at just 23, and it all started in the confines of her college dorm room. With some free time on her hands, the jewelry designer and business mogul decided to capitalize on her intuition for design and fully commit herself to her craft, resulting in Adina's Jewels. Today, the line comprises an array of stunning masterpieces that have been attracting major attention thanks to famous fans like Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella and Gigi Hadid.

“I always had that special eye for jewelry," Kamkhatchi said of what inspired her to pursue the field. "It always grabbed my attention on the street, and I always had a great passion for business as well. I figured by combining the two, we could make something really great.” With the prosperity of her own jewelry ventures, she’s done exactly that. 

“You can have a dream, but if you don't put it to the test and if you don't quite know what you want, it's never going to become a reality,” she explained. With a relentless hustle and countless all-nighters, Kamkhatchi turned her dorm-room dream into a flourishing, professional reality that continues to expand by the day. Having honed in on exactly what she wanted early on, the young designer found major success in her business endeavors and now employs more than 20 people at her namesake brand. 

Kamkhatchi entered college studying psychology and added a business minor when she decided to start her company, but her design abilities have always been part of her identity. “I think it was always something that was in me. [It was] in the way that I dress, in the way that I accessorize, and it even came out in my work at school,” she told us. With an innate understanding of design fundamentals, the jewelry entrepreneur was able to master her specialty with intricate techniques and a dedicated process that ultimately allowed her to stand out against competition. 

“I like to see the world. I'm a very big tourist," Kamkhatchi explained on her sources of inspiration. "I love that. Just pick a spot. Go there. Be a tourist. I just enjoy myself and relax, and I definitely get a lot of inspiration from the vintage vibe of these different places."

Whether it be a seashell on a foreign beach or a lost coin in the cobblestone of a European street, the timelessness of Kamkhatchi’s inspiration makes each of her embellished designs sure to be staples. Her vacation-inspired statement pieces gain rightful recognition on social media as pop culture icons and influencers repeatedly sport her designs in their posts, resulting in mass traction on the company’s profile and booming business for Adina’s Jewels. 

With all her success, Kamkhatchi’s trajectory is still going up with the recent induction of her jewelry into Nordstrom’s extensive catalog of designs. This has put Adina’s Jewels on the shelves of one of the world’s largest wholesalers, and the designer is ecstatic. “Given everything, it's just so amazing to see that my designs are on Nordstrom," she said. "It leaves me speechless every single time I look at it. It makes me so happy!"

With all the hype and more availability than before, you're going to want to get your hands on some of these eye-catching pieces. Take a look at our favorites from the collection below. 

Kamkhatchi claims this pastel beauty is her favorite design from her collection. As her claim-to-fame piece, it stands out among the rest with a beautiful array of colors that you truly can't miss. 

Put the beach around your neck in style with this piece. I have this one myself, and it never fails to garner stares and compliments when I'm out and about. It also works well as a bracelet, so your seaside aesthetic possibilities are limitless.

Nothing screams elegance like a pair of gold chains hanging from your ears. These earrings are sure to add a glamorous edge for going out. You can easily match them with other gold accessories as well. 

This perfectly embossed bracelet sits as a glittery masterpiece on your wrist. It truly steals the show with its eye-catching shine and incredible details.

This gorgeously adorned snake ring is definitely a favorite, and its unique shape and colors are sure to get people talking. The single green jewel completes the look with a noticeable pop of color, adding an intricate dimension to the ring's overall design so it can slither down your finger in style.

Shop Adina's Jewels at and now at Nordstrom, too.



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