American Apparel Ends Hiatus, Releases Pride-Inspired Collection

Still here. Still queer.
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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so has American Apparel risen from the dead after filing Chapter 11. The iconic LA  brand is set to open its first brick and mortar since closing all stores nationwide on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles thanks to the public's support of its "Back to Basics" campaign. But the store's resurgence isn't the only reason to celebrate.

AA has announced a new collection just in time for Pride month titled "They O.K." a range of t-shirts and totes emblazoned with the slogans:  "They O.K.: All Pronouns Welcome" and "Still here. Still queer." Devotees will instantly recognize the pun on the label's "Gay O.K." and "Legalize Gay Marriage" t-shirts, which were popular during a time when gay representation was staggeringly low compared to today. Notice that by using "They," the collection is more inclusive of all gender/gender non-conforming identities. 

And speaking of inclusive, the campaign images are just that, featuring stripped-down, natural shots of a diverse gang of models, each of which were chosen from an open casting held for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

We know what we'll be wearing come June. 


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