Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Spring 2019

Westwood's husband and former fashion school student showed his latest collection in collaboration with her brand.
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Andreas Kronthaler was inspired by The Skate Girls of Kabul, the Award-winning photo series by Jessica Fulford-Dobson, the work of Austrian artist Walter Pichler and American artist Paul Thek, as well as the furnishings housed inside of the Ritz Hotel in Paris for his Spring 2019 collection for Vivienne Westwood. If you think that sounds sort of wacky and confusing, you're not wrong. The collection included bodybuilders in tiny underwear (designed by his friend Yasmine Eslami) and crop tops, models in graphic leggings on skateboards and scooters, and an upside-down chair as a hat. 

Kronthaler is an Austrian former Olympic sport shooter who met Westwood when he was her student in fashion design school. They've been married since 1992, and have been working together since. The collection's bags, belts, jewelry, and shoes were all designed by Westwood, with the exception of the collection's colorful combat boots, which he made in collaboration with Buffalo London. 

See the collection below. 


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