25 Outfits From the Original 'Gossip Girl' Worth Recreating

A series reboot is on the way, but the fashion of the original "Gossip Girl" cast will always be a source of style inspiration.
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If much of your quarantine has consisted of rewatching Gossip Girl, and then re-watching it again, you are not alone. Since the release of the series' reboot was postponed, fans have been eagerly awaiting the debut of the next generation of young Upper East Siders. Until then, we're left to relive the drama, scandal, and fashion of the original series.

Along with the anticipation regarding the reboot, there's also the question of how GG 2.0 will stack up against its predecessor. Can the new cast really replace S and B? And most importantly, will the clothing be as memorable? We're all rooting for a sabotage and secrecy-filled success, however if the style is not on par with that of seasons' past, Constance Billard alumni are sure to be disappointed. Though fans may not remember each time Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) broke up, or every drunken Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) escapade, we all remember what our favorite Upper East Siders were wearing while running amok in Manhattan. 

The show’s premiere dates back over a decade ago, and yet the fashion can still glue us to our screens just the same. From Chuck’s ascot ties to Serena’s thigh high stiletto boots, and even Vanessa Abrams' (Jessica Zsohr) boho sundresses–all of which were paired with headbands pre-approved by Blair Waldorf, obviously–costume designer Eric Daman ensured each character had their own signature style. Daman took on the role following a successful run working with Patricia Field on Sex and The City (and was later responsible for outfitting The Carrie Diaries), and elevated the citydwelling teens to that of Carrie Bardshaw and company, thereby cementing Gossip Girl’s place in pop culture. 

Ahead of the new series, look back at the best style from the original Gossip Girl.




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