5 Brands That Are Changing Sportswear

Off-White, Blackbarrett, and other brands are breathing new life into what seems to have become today's uniform.
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Off-White, the brand whose founder Virgil Abloh has everyone abuzz with his triumphant menswear debut for Louis Vuitton,  was founded in 2013, Off-White has had a series of successful collaborations from Converse, Nike, to the likes of IKEA and Jimmy Choo.  Wearing Off-White has become a status symbol, but it also represents a new, refreshing and relevant aesthetic - an aesthetic that is in tune with the times in which we live, and that merges fashion and advertising, as well as contemporary art and music.




The best fabrics from Switzerland, Holland, New Zealand; a design that is faithful to the credo 'less is more'; And care - care for one's self and care for the environment. This is Aeance: a sportswear brand dedicated to those who care about substance. Not only is an Aeance wearer promised the utmost comfort in their active life, they are assured that the brand's textiles meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability.




This is a brand that revolves around the concept of strength. Dyne (from the Greek dynamis, meaning 'strength'), features garments that merge ancient techniques with the most modern ones to create garments designed to withstand the demands of both sport and leisure. It is for this reason that creative director, Christopher Bevans, was granted the Woolmark Prize 2018 for innovation and Dyne has become one of today's most loved sports brands.

Palm Angels



It may be surprising to some that this sportswear brand, with its echoes of gritty, underground culture, was founded by Moncler's artistic director Francesco Ragazzi. In each of Palm Angels' creations, Italian tradition is intertwined with Los Angeline streets. Think luxury skater: technical and elegant, yes, but not too much of either. Palm Angels finds the perfect middle to ensure that the garments can be worn every day.




Blackbarrett is, quite simply, sportswear that is uniquely Neil Barrett's. All the shapes, lines, and silhouettes characteristic of his original line have been remodeled and revisited in the sportswear style. Blackbarrett equals functional and performing garments that can be worn in the gym, during one's free time or, hell, even in the office. Make a statement in any surrounding with these pop and neoprene colors, textures upon textures, and block-colored sweatshirts.

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